After two years of collaboration with a world leading optics manufacturer, we are proud to introduce our Max Coolman ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT, TITANIUM sunglasses. Weighing only 10 grams, and featuring our MaxOptic lenses with crystal clear clarity, these are the lightest sunglasses available anywhere. The titanium frame is corrosion resistant and has the highest strength to density ration of any metallic element. The neutral grey tint provides the highest available light reduction for ultra-rich colors and super sharp contrast. These sunglasses will quickly become your favorite outdoor accessory. Whatever your activity, our polycarbonate, polarized, scratch and impact resistant, anti-reflective, water shedding lenses will help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while providing the sharpest, most vivid experience. Ideal for both the performance minded and the fashionistas.

  • 100% UV 400 PROTECTION


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  1. Robert

    These sunglasses are the bomb! Super light and extremely comfortable

  2. Michael

    I love how these fit and feel. If it wasn’t for the fact that they make everything sharper and clearer, you would forget you have them on.

  3. Fred

    I am really tough on sunglasses. I am constantly in and out of the sun, and since I never seem to take the time to put my sunglasses in their case, they get handled a lot. After 3 months of wear and tear, these look brand new.

  4. George

    These are better than my $300 Maui Jim glasses!

  5. joey

    Love wearing these on the golf course. They cut down on the glare and add contrast. Makes reading greens a bit easier.

  6. Jerry

    Very expensive, but very good

  7. Eddie

    My wife bought me a pair for my birthday last month and they are now my favorite sunglasses, ever.

  8. Josh

    I like these because I wear them when I cycle on the weekends. Very clear, and just the right amount of shading. Also they cut down on the glare. Love how light they are.

  9. Pete

    Being retired, I spend a lot of time outdoors, fishing, golfing and playing pickle ball. These glasses live up to their hype providing super rich colors and sharp contrast. No matter the activity, they firmly in place and they are so light and comfortable.

  10. Luke

    I got an email about these glasses saying that they are good for golf, so I tried them. They said that they are returnable if you don’t like them. I love them. I actually thing the greens are clearer with them on.

  11. Cliff

    Love the fact that they are curved. It really helps to block sunlight coming in from the side, especially when I am riding around with the car top down.

  12. Bill

    I usually don’t spend a lot of money for sunglasses (because I always loose them), but these were on sale so I figured if they were half as good as they say they are, I would like them. Well they are!

  13. Steve

    Perfect fit, great clarity, and sharp looking, too.

  14. Sam

    Even though I love their boxer briefs, I was a bit hesitant to order these glasses, thinking “What does a clothing company know about eye protection?” But, just like the boxers, these are top quality. They do everything you want them to do, and they look great, too.

  15. Andrew

    I wore these for the first time yesterday while playing golf. I was raving about them so much, the other 3 people in my foursome all insisted on trying them on. By the time we finished drinks at the 19th hole, Ray and Joe each ordered a pair, Mel ordered two, (one for him and one for his son).

  16. Manny

    I run a charter fishing boat, so I am always wearing sunglasses. These are my new favorite pair.

  17. Colin

    I like these a lot. clear optics. Took 2 weeks to get, or I would have given 5 stars.

  18. Adrian

    Funny story… When I pulled into my garage, I thought the lights were out, and went to see why they didn’t turn on when I opened the garage door. Then I realized that I still had these sunglasses on. They are so light weight that I totally forgot I was wearing them. I really like them.

  19. Cole

    Best Christmas present my sister ever gave me. I can’t believe they are so light and comfortable.

  20. Don

    I like these glasses because they are so light they don’t leave marks on either side of my nose when I take them off. The polarized feature is nice as well.

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